Monday, May 17, 2004

had tim sum lunch at crystal jade with some colleagues. at first it was for the occasion of one colleague going for hospitalization leave. then it ended up also for the birthday celebration as well as a treat from another who was promoted and converted to perm staff. it was a real treat.. yummy food! my fave is still the bbq chicken pastry.. bite it and feel the sauce flowing thru your mouth.. yummmm!!! best when it's hot.. and the next gathering in the pipeline will involve steak and ribs.. hmm..

assisted some users for their system testing. and yes I'm not good at customer service. especially when I'm not in the mood for it. if someone rises her voice to me, I'll surely raise my voice too. there's this one difficult user whom I have phobia of. after such a long time, I'll be getting lots of interaction with her, thanks to the project I'm currently assigned to. and as if that is not enough, I've another new goal set for me: to handle difficult users patiently. nah.

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