Friday, July 30, 2004

welcome back to school. it's been one week with 2 lectures. so far it's still fine. wait till it's assignment and exam time. having spoken to my colleague whose school fee is 10 times more expensive then mine, I discovered some differences:
- her school provides snacks and beverages for night classes. they eat as much as they can (hey, it's already paid) till they feel very sleepy during lectures.
- her school gives all required textbooks. which end up collecting dust.
- lights and air-con are always on in her school.
never mind, I prefer to save my money and contemplate what I should eat for the day, which text book I should buy, when the lights and air-con are turned off.. ;)

received a letter from MOE:
discharge from tuition grant bond
2001 NTU computer engineering
I am pleased to inform you that you have been discharged from your tuition grant obligations as you have fully served the 3-year bond.
cc to sureties: you are released from your obligations as sureties under the tuition grant agreement.
I've updated MOE on my employment when I started working sometime in 2001. 2.5 yrs later they sent a letter to my hometown address asking me to give some updates, with my graduation year stated wrongly in the letter. weird.
today I received 3 letters with the same content, addressed to me and both my sureties, all 3 letters having same address. weird.

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