Monday, September 13, 2004

had a super long meeting with users. objective of the meeting: discuss requirements for ME to do. guess how much I need to do after a 3-hour meeting? =(

had a nice farewell dinner with colleagues at the coffee connoisseur, somewhere at boat quay. the place is really cozy, very suitable for long chat with friends over cup(s) of coffee, snacks, soft music, and magazines. its distinctive features involve parquet floor with lots of bean-bag chairs.. good thing about going together in group is, ability to taste various kinds of food.. our menu tonight: tofu wasabi, chicken enchilada, potato wedges with cheese, goujons dory fish fillet, mushroom vav, potato munchies, chicken wings, creamy tuna sandwich and club sandwich.. yummm..

cozy place..

mouthwatering food..

and gorgeous people.. ;)

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