Sunday, October 10, 2004

Friday, 8 Oct 2004

- a peaceful day. all users went for teambuilding and my phone didn't ring at all. that's great. just wait till monday. since I took up the part-time course, somehow issues always occur on mondays and thursdays, when I really need to knock off early.

- a colleague gave us a treat at karu's curry banana leaf indian restaurant at upper bukit timah. menu comprises of nasi bryani, orange-red-coloured fried chicken, fish head curry and indian crackers. first time tasted nasi bryani and to my surprise, it tasted good..

- went for IT apps gathering at woodland stadium. played badminton with my boss, ladies double.
boss: "do you know how to play?"
me: "nope."
boss: "eh, how come? I thot all indonesians can play badminton?"
..of course we lost in the first match.. =( our opponent emerged as the winner. and that justified our loss.. =)

- rushed for choir practice at holy spirit church, upper thomson rd.

Saturday, 9 Oct 2004
attended first 2 seminar sessions on 'innovative industry applications'. then rushed (again) to holy spirit church to attend a friend's wedding mass, followed by wedding dinner in the evening until late at night. it's amazing how chinese dinner always takes extremely long time. buffet-style wedding dinner is better, more effective and efficient.

the right side of my body is aching now. blame the badminton session.

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