Tuesday, July 04, 2006

feel like writing some random thoughts.

Heard of yet another colleague's resignation news today. Two days in a row. Wondering who will resign tomorrow? :S

I just realized that last sunday was the 5th anniversary of my being in the current company. meaning that now I'm on my 6th year already. old, eh? (haree geneee gitu lohh..) I met a senior user today and she congratulated me for still being there after 5 years, haha.

I'm on a "chocolate diet" nowadays. meaning that I'm currently on chocolate-y stuff.. like hot chocolate drink (swissmiss and cadbury, with marshmallow, and preferably whipped cream as well), triple chocolate crunch cereal, chocolate hazelnut spread, timtam chocolate biscuits, hello panda chocolate biscuits..

anyway.. crazy as it might sound, I think I miss school. not that excited for the upcoming convo, though..

"How simple life is. It's as simple as this: you're hungry and you eat, you're full, and you shit. Between eating and shitting, that's where human life is found." (Tales from Djakarta, Pramoedya Ananta Toer)

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