Monday, July 31, 2006

so how was the convocation, you asked? all went well. too bad there's not enough fellow graduands to share the joy with. it was so fast, ended 30 mins earlier than schedule. upon completion of academic procession, there's a few minutes of speech, followed by presentation of graduands and another speech by a graduate representative. and that was it. with a blink of an eye, it's all done.

at the end of the ceremony, blue-robbed-graduands threw their mortar board up in the air, accompanied by all kinds of joyful noise. the black-robbed-graduands just stared blankly. been there, done that.. ;)

food-related update:

spent the $40 worth of coupons at church funfair last weekend by buying lunch, dinner and breakfast for the following day, plus snacks.. this is the list: sticks of meatballs, chicken quesadilla, nachos with cheese dips, spaghetti, tahu goreng, ice jelly, lychee drink, ice cream, glutinous rice, raisin bread, chocolate cake, banana cake, raisin cookies, packets of cashew nuts.

had a yummy chocolate fondue feast at haagen dazs.. big bowl of melted chocolate with fruits, assorted cookies plus ice cream!

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