Tuesday, July 11, 2006

took half day leave today, ended up leaving office on 3pm due to some issues. can't believe it took me almost 2 hours from office to NTU. the waiting time was incredibly long, and the heavy downpour plus strong wind didn't help at all. they just relocated the boonlay bus interchange, and stupidly I took the wrong turn, well, old habits die hard. braced myself into the rain, then I realized that the interchange is just next to the mrt station.. grrmbll..

the time slot for collection of degree cert + transcript + invite cards + academic dress + convo gift was from 3pm to 5pm, and I reached the place at 10 mins before 5pm. rushed to the collection point, but not before I was stopped few times to make a class gift and to update my particulars. by the time I finished updating mine (I've done it already via online, btw, but the person insisted that this one was different and had to be completed), the entrance was already closed. so I entered through the exit door and made my way backwards.

but overall the service quality is good. there're some 'shop attendants' assisting us to try on the gown, hood and mortarboard to get the correct size. plus explaining the proper way to wear them.. unlike my previous convo where we struggled to figure out how to wear the academic dress properly.. :) oh.. the good old days.

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