Friday, September 08, 2006

another round of food posting..

first, an overdue posting. visit to pondok jawa timur at far east plaza scotts road last week didn't leave much impression, thus the reason for late posting.. ;) their soto madura was not bad, but their nasi goreng jawa was really tasteless.. it's a total disappointment. but they served real teh sosro, although not in bottled version but at least, the real teh botol taste!

now, a current posting. tried sfigato pizza at bukit merah lane this evening. the food is really yummy! it's really worth the walk and the money. pizza costs $4 for 7" and $10-$12 for 12". pasta and lasagna cost $3.50-$6.

beef lasagna with cream sauce:

carnivore pizza (bacon, ham, chicken sausage, pepperoni, mozarella and tomato sauce):

panna-cotta dessert:

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