Saturday, October 07, 2006

some random posts..

secured seats for phantom of the opera. can't imagine buying tickets 6 months in advance. pretty insane.

celebrated the mid-autumn with a prata party on friday night with the usual makan gang at the prata house upper thomson rd. had prata with cheese, mushroom and egg. few pieces of indian rojak, followed by paper prata with ice cream and ice teh tarik. imho, the paper prata pales in comparison with the tissue prata at bukit timah stall. check out the photos here. (ps. cewe.. thanks foto2nya)

however the full moon does not look as bright.. blame it on the haze courtesy of indonesian forest fires. it's getting thicker by day and it's worrying.

went to vivo city today to catch scoop the movie. it's super crowded. singapore just can't get enough of shopping malls :) sadly not all stores were opened. the movie itself was entertaining although it's not that spectacular.

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