Sunday, October 01, 2006

tried the famous botak burger at ang mo kio foodcourt. managed to avoid the crowd. at 7pm onwards the queue became longer and longer. the botak burger claimed to offer authentic american food.. damn good food at damn good price.. and merchandise too.

regular cajun chicken set at $6.50

botak burger set meal at $5.50. the beef patty is really home made. once cut, it looks like minced beef.. :) really thick and yummy.

watched haydn's the creation at esplanade's concert hall on friday, performed by SSO and combined choir of 3 prominent singapore choir groups. the choir was so big, they occupied more than half of the stage. all were dressed in black, except the soprano soloist who was in pink. magnificent.

tried thai express' thai-style calamari for supper. they did it differently from the normal calamari. instead of ring-shaped, they cut it in squares, had them fried and poured sauce plus sesame on it.. chewy.. succulent.. mmm..

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