Wednesday, November 22, 2006

just feel like blogging..

went to macritchie reservoir park last weekend. completed 3.5-hour walk, which was 11 kilometres excluding the tree top route. totally exhausted. went straight home and slept till evening :)

decided not to skip the 9am mass last sunday and turned out that they had this special blessing for the choir as we were celebrating feast day of St Cecilia, the patron saint of church music.

went to vivocity to catch the latest bond movie. happened to see the notice on doulos, the floating book fair. it is the world's oldest active passenger ship bringing the book fair to port cities around the globe. amazing.

a colleague gave our team a bday treat this afternoon at an indian restaurant at riverside walk. gave him wallet as a present. ah ya, talking about bday, I didn't get any cake this year.. haha.. I guess they'd all been brought forward to last year when I got 3 cakes.. ;)

I'm involved in the committee (read: seksi sibuk aka pembantu umum) for this year's department year-end gathering. was really excited about the idea of dinner cruise at the beginning. too bad the response is not that good, and some managers are just super fussy.. *sigh*

the second episode of amazing race asia was so fun! the 10 teams visited jakarta, went to ragunan zoo for a roadblock - getting the clue from a box inside a snake cage, went to TMII to dance the tari piring, and did the detour of either selling 15 bowls of bakso or pushing the bakso carts carefully so as not to spill the soy sauce put inside a bowl. the hilarious part was, they had to push the carts while singing the song abang tukang bakso, mari mari sini, aku mau beli.. abang tukang bakso cepatlah kemari.. *rofl*

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