Saturday, November 25, 2006

went to orchard road for some shopping. it's either my appearance or just my luck, but I was approached by so many people, from donation, to flyers, to surveys. there's this particular survey going on about travel destination for the longest time. I took pity on the cheerful, bubbly teenage girl who pleaded for me helping her fill in survey form, for which she would be paid a dollar each. very soon I regretted my decision to stop and spare her my time. her enthusiasm irritated me. she kept repeating why-you-look-so-sad-smile-a-bit-lah.

true enough, I was asked to pick one card at first. that wasn't the first prize, so she asked me to choose one more, saying that each person is entitled to 2 cards. and voila, that one 'won' me the top prize, free 7 days stay and so on and so forth. she was ecstatic. she yelled to her supervisor who quickly came over and immediately saying the same thing: why don't you look happy winning the top prize?

goodness, it's because I know very well there's no such thing as free lunch. redeeming my "prizes" would waste another few hours of my time. surely there's something fishy about winning things for nothing?

I told them I was not interested at all as I know what it's all about, and both of their faces turned sour. then I quickly walked away.

I should have told them then to smile a bit.. ;)

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