Thursday, December 14, 2006

IT yearly gathering cum christmas party for this year: cruise to nowhere! yeaa.. :) faced quite a fair bit of issues in planning and execution stages.. from support problem, attendence, budget, response rate. and finally it's here. it will set sail tomorrow afternoon from one of harbourfront berths, sail towards the southern islands and finally back to harbourfront. I'm crossing my fingers now that everyone will bring their passports tomorrow.

helped to take charge in doing the gift exchange thingy. here's how it's supposed to be done: everyone should submit their riddles, giving hints about the christmas gift they want. riddles would then be randomly assigned. the purpose is not to get the correct gift, but more to the fun of writing and solving them. too bad our enthusiasm was not equally reciprocated. not everyone's participating. but anyway, those who chose not to have missed the fun ;)

I guess my riddle is very easy to solve. here it is:
I wish to be pampered
by a wide selection of knowledge
both hardcover and paperback
both english and japanese
in the heart of orchard road

but turned out it is not easy at all. *sigh*. should have done proper UAT prior to releasing it.. =) asked a few ppl this afternoon and their guesses are either book or dictionary.. oh no, I think I'll get an english-japanese pocket dictionary tomorrow. or maybe the japanese phrase book.. hahaha..

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