Tuesday, May 01, 2007

weeks of choir practices boils down to this one wedding day. mass at church followed by dinner reception at the church hall. the choir did pretty well, I guess.. hitting the right notes at the right time.. except one mistake at the thanksgiving song where some entered before the interlude's over, more like coordination issue :)

it's my third time contributing few songs in the midst of a chinese dinner reception. as usual, worried that all the warming up would have been overcome by the oily food. it's not exactly fun to count down the dishes, waiting for our turn to take over the stage, before we can really sit back and continue chomping our share..

the souvenirs are impressive, a love cake that is "more yummy when shared", home made by the bride's mum.

. . .

think about His love
think about His goodness
think about His grace
that's brought us through

for as high as the heavens above
so great is the measure of our Father's love
great is the measure of our Father's love

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