Saturday, June 16, 2007

visited the sweet stone parad'ice at golden mile hawker centre for their waffle with belgian chocolate dip and gelato ice cream. yum!

the waffle size is quite small, just nice for dessert. crunchy yet soft, with sugar bits here and there. the chocolate is slightly bitter, a nice match with the waffle.

the stall looks outstanding in the midst of a 3 storey high hawker centre. that explains the pricing, too. $2.50 for one waffle with chocolate dip, and $4.20 for two waffles with chocolate dip. the chocolate sauce is presented in small styrofoam bowls. chocolate dip in claypot costs slightly higher, $7.80 with marshmallow, $8.80 with 4 waffles and $9.80 with fresh fruits.

interestingly, they also have point reward system. $1 spent entitles you to 1 point. free waffle or gelato can then be redeemed for 20 points. register your reward card online and you are instantly entitled to a free waffle!

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