Friday, July 27, 2007

enticed by the advertisement circulated in a mailing list, I decided to pay this eatery a visit with a friend on a rainy afternoon. we were the only customers there. the ambience and interior design of the place was nice. and their concept is more towards "fine dining", where they focus on the presentation and taste on premium price with limited quantity.

I feel that most of the items are overpriced compared to other Indonesian eateries. soto jawa (lamongan) and soto sulung for $5, gado gado siram and rawon (without rice) for $5.50. nasi rames, nasi langgi and nasi kuning at $6. sop buntut at $6.50, ikan cobek at $7.50, and the winner goes to.. lontong cap go meh at $8. hot tea is priced at $2.

they use fine tableware and cutlery while paying attention at the presentation. my rawon came in a square bowl with basic ingredients: beef, soup and fried shallots. the rest comes in another serving plate: salted egg, beansprouts, chilli and prawn crackers. the plain rice was presented on banana leaf. the $8 lontong cap go meh was served in a small plate and it did not really look like the photo in the menu. taste-wise the food is okay, but it is not really worth the money.

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