Monday, July 23, 2007

finally managed to finish the dreamers series by david & leigh eddings. there are 4 books in this series: the elder gods, the treasured one, crystal gorge and the younger gods. it was a struggle to finish reading the whole set, seriously. the belgariad and the malloreon series are much, much better than the dreamers.

whenever I read one of the dreamers book, I almost always fell asleep after a while. the concept of having gods walking on earth and mingle among humans from different part of the world in various stages of civilization with an aim to destroy a common immortal enemy sounds promising. but the way the story progress is disappointing. it all revolves around this battle, so most of the discussions are on the war strategies and plans. to make it worse, there are too many character's point of views presented, which is causing unnecessary repetition. the ending is disappointing as well, as it makes the entire story redundant.

now I'm starting to read a new series, age of the five trilogy by trudi canavan, starting from book one: priestess of the white.

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