Saturday, July 14, 2007

went for a long-overdue facial session at international building. the therapist advised me that the basic mask that comes with the package does not suit my skin type, and she suggested the seaweed mask, which, as I could have guessed, is more pricey. so I simply asked her not to apply any mask at all. now I have to really consider if I want to continue with this beauty salon or make a switch.

tried this filipino's ice halo-halo at the GP asian restaurant at lucky plaza, 4th level. we were the only customers eating there since it was only around 5pm. this concoction is quite similar with es campur. it is $3 for regular and $4 for special (with yam ice cream). they put red and green jelly, jackfruit, banana, and havermout inside.. unique and yummy :)

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