Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I finally tried donut factory's donuts! hahaha... I was always wondering how good the donuts are as people have been queuing at their raffles city branch like mad.. I heard it takes 3 hours just to get one box of donuts, and there is also a restriction of the maximum number of donuts a person can purchase.. crazy.

today I walked pass the donut factory suntec branch during lunch time. there are 2 different queues there, one is the regular queue with no limit on max purchase. another one is express lane reserved for takeaway purchases, for donuts it's upto 2 pieces.. and there's nobody queuing there! so I tried the double chocolate and coffee roasted amount flavours. both are good, $1.20 each. I don't mind coming back provided there's no queue :) carefour, just a short distance away from donut factory, was selling various kind of donuts at 95c each.. and there's no customer there..

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