Sunday, September 09, 2007

as its slogan proclaims - cheapest japanese food in singapore - sumo house does offer cheap food with good taste and variety too.

their bento set range is from $2.90 (katsu don) to $8.90 (unagi). ala carte items include breaded scallop, toufu, gyoza, some sushi and also salmon sashimi. green tea is free flow. additional 50c applies if you take an extra cup.

I went to their ang mo kio outlet on Sunday afternoon. it was quite packed but there were still some empty tables. maybe it's just my luck, it just happened that there were 2 groups of people there celebrating birthdays, and they were unbelievably noisy. it's even more noisy than having meal at hawker centres.

I tried the salmon teriyaki set. other than rice and salmon, it also comes with salad, pickles, miso soup and 2 slices of sunkist. I ordered the ice cream-filled strawberries too at $1.50 for 5 pieces - they served it along with the bento set so it was not as nice when eaten.

the service was really prompt. you look at the menu, place your order to waitress, pay at cashier and the food will be served in a short while. the waitresses are all really keen to clear the plates once you're done eating.

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