Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I've been monitoring the promotional rewards offered by one transport provider for quite some time. usually only those unpopular rewards are available for redemption.

this morning I saw that the movie ticket, one of the most popular ones, was still available, and so I redeemed my points. before confirmation, some T&C were shown, e.g. voucher is only valid from monday to wednesday, not valid for sneak previews and midnight shows, must be exchanged for admission ticket at the box office, etc.

once I clicked the 'redeem!' button, another set of T&C appeared. one of them was: please collect movie voucher latest by 5pm, 16 oct 2007 at (office address), between (office hours), monday-friday.

I was like, 'huh?'

travelling to the office itself might cost me more than the price of the movie voucher. somemore it's during office hours, and it's to be done today.. if someone did the redemption at 4pm, it means he has to run to the office right away.

they should have printed this clause before customer decides to redeem it.

but after a phone call, the officer agreed to send the movie voucher by post provided I fax the evoucher and details to them. at least my points are not wasted.

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