Tuesday, December 04, 2007

tried indo padang restaurant at the cathay basement. as my friend told me that the last time she ate there she couldn't finish the food, we refrained ourselves from ordering too many dishes, as all looked tempting.

initially we wanted to order the beef rendang, but the cooking was still in progress and it would only be ready after an hour or so. so we ordered ikan nila goreng and soto ayam.

we started the dinner by munching on the appetizer: blinjo crackers (I don't know the proper name), ikan bilis with peanuts, and some chilli. the blinjo crackers were quite hard, I guess they didn't put enough oil when they fried them.. it could have tasted much nicer.

the soto ayam arrived in a big bowl, enough for 2-3 people. it's alright, but to me it tasted too much like coconut milk, there's not enough spice on it to complement the milky taste. they put pieces of chicken meat, with thinly sliced cabbage and fried potato cake (perkedel).

ikan nila goreng was quite good. they halved the fish first before frying it, and it's served with black soy sauce mixed with chilli.

we ordered es teler for dessert. I'd already imagined to have something similar like the one served by es teler 77 eatery chain, but it turned out quite different. I'm not sure what kind of es teler was that, maybe a padang version of es teler.. they put sea coconut, jackfruit, chendol, and kachang in the size of green bean but in the color of red bean. *confused*.. real es teler should have coconut and avocado..

the ambience and the service were good. oh ya, free ice water :)

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