Wednesday, April 30, 2008

12 years ago, I was in Heathrow airport, en route from Florida to Jakarta.

12 years ago, I had half a day free in London while waiting for the connecting flight on British Airways.

12 years ago, I was detained in one childcare-like room, with colorful wallpapers, tables and plastic toys.

12 years ago, I argued with the BA stewardess who was assigned to keep an eye on me, trying to persuade her that I was old enough to be left alone. But the farthest she allowed me to go to was the bodyshop store inside Heathrow airport.. *sigh*.. so I appeased myself by buying a pink-colored lip balm and a purple-orange-colored plastic brush.

After such a long wait, I'm finally coming back to London. I'll make sure that I take a closer look at the city this time round.

London, at last!

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