Saturday, May 31, 2008

Had a lunch appointment today with a friend (hi there! *wave*). After a long thinking process and YM discussions we finally agreed to eat at Ministry of Food at Marina Square.

Variety-wise it was quite limited, the choices were salad, sushi, bento, ramen and desserts. We ordered salmon cutlet maki and tan tan ramen for main course, unagi sushi and salmon sushi for side dish, macha imo for dessert.

Tan tan ramen was satisfyingly tasty. Salmon cutlet maki was good with generous sesame topping, but it was just like eating rice with fried salmon. the mini-sized sushi was so-so. the best was their macha imo, apparently the restaurant's must try.

According to the description that came along with the dessert, it is a marriage between hot fried sweet potato and cold hokkaido soft ice cream dessert. As hokkaido red bean was also included, the best way was then to scoop a little bit of the sweet potato, ice cream and red bean and indulge!


For drinks, the default was hot green tea for 80 cents. No questions asked, no choices given, everyone's served a cup of green tea once seated. Their ambience was alright, although it's quite cramped, with disturbing noises came out from the kitchen area once in a while. Service was good.

Their membership is $10 for 2 years which comes with 10% discounts and cheaper daily set meals. But I didn't sign up as I'd rather try out other makan places. There are so many japanese eateries out there!

Did some window shopping for a while before heading home. Nice to finally meet you! :)

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