Friday, June 06, 2008

[Europe Trip] On visiting Disneyland Park Paris

The park was located outside of Paris, and we went there by the RER train, stopping at the last station, Marne la Vallée - Chessy. After baggage checks and ticket checks, we went pass the entrance and straight to Main Street USA.

We spent 8.5 hours in the Disneyland park, taking a total of 14 attractions: roller coasters, maze and themed train rides. The most impressive roller coaster was Space Mountain, of course, as it was super fast and it was enclosed in a darkened dome you couldn't anticipate the next turns. I bet the tracks would look really scary, if it could be seen. The seat was so cramped and the protection bar was so tight we kept banging our ears against it. Finished the ride feeling all the adrenalin rush with the red ears, haha. The adrenalin-pumping moment was started when the train was halted midway on its way up, and then there was a voice counting 1,2,3, the train shot up and then was brought immediately downwards, followed by unexpected turns and twists. It was so fast I couldn't even lift my head up.


Two other roller coasters were the Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland and Indiana Jones in Adventureland. Indiana Jones was more scary as we could see the track and heard the scream while queueing. But I enjoyed Big Thunder Mountain more.

The rest of the rides are mostly train rides with a theme for the surrounding designs, like snow white, pinochio, peter pan (great effect as if we were flying, as the track was up above our heads), phantom's manor. My favourite was Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast. We went around in a train equipped with 'laser' gun to help buzz light year shooting at the marked targets while the scores were accumulated.


We also saw a small parade of disney characters, although not everyone was present. I guess they work in shift, haha..

We had cheeseburger and grilled chicken for lunch. And then we had ice cream, toffee apple and chilli nachos for snacks. Toffee apple tasted blah! It looked so tempting with the glistering toffee sauce, but it was hard and sticky on the teeth. It's a struggle to finish it.

Alice's Curious Labyrinth was nice, too. Too bad Tower of Terror, another favourite ride of mine was located in Walt Disney Studio and not Disneyland Park. There's also disney village comprising of various restaurants including Planet Hollywood.

They had a fastpass system which allowed visitors to secure their ride in advance. The tickets were distributed at the park's entrance. Near each attraction that had the 'FP' symbol, there were additional machines installed for the booking. Another ticket was then printed, indicating the return time on which visitors may come back for the ride. Separate entrances were provided for those having the fastpass tickets, therefore allowing them to skip the long queue. We used our tickets for Peter Pan's Flight and Big Thunder Mountain.

All in all, I think I prefer Disneyworld in Florida to Disneyland Park Paris. There's always a kid in everyone, that's why disney parks are forever crowded.


Three words for Disneyland: fun, fun, fun!

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