Tuesday, June 03, 2008

[Europe Trip] On visiting Pisa

We had only 3 hours in Pisa. Upon arrival at 9.31am, we put our backpacks in the deposito bagagli area at the station, bought a city map and headed straight away to the Pisa tower. The amusing thing was that we didn't get lost in Venice, but we got lost in Pisa! heheheh.. blame it to the misleading map and the small tower that we couldn't spot from afar.

Finally managed to find the tower after a detour. Realized that we have gone passed the Pisa Cathedral but didn't know that's the one we're trying to find as we did not see the tower then. Tsk!


Purchased the next available ticket to climb the leaning tower at 11.40am, one hour in advance. Ticket was expensive at €15, just to climb the leaning tower in less than half an hour (yes, it's timed). And the surrounding buildings like the baptistry and the cathedral imposed their own entrance fee as well. Wah, wondering how much they can increase the price until tourists don't feel like entering anymore. I wondered how much they get each day from tickets alone. Due to time constraint we only visited the tower.


We went around the complex, bought some postcards and took photos with the lame poses of 'pushing' and 'holding' the tower, hahaha.. so many tourists were doing it, it's fun to watch them and take photos of people taking photos of others posing ;)

We entered the tower at 11.40am and was chased out at 12.05pm. On 12 noon the bells rang. It's a nice view from the top of the tower. Although the stairs were made of stone, it was clearly visible that the middle part of each step was uneven, due to the weight it carried every time someone stepped on them.


Once out from the tower, we rushed back to Pisa Centrale train station. Ran there, queued to collect our backpacks, grabbed pizzas for lunch on the train. Managed to reach the platform just before the scheduled time and found out that the train was delayed for 25 minutes! grrrr... after 25 minutes it was again delayed for another 5 minutes. We shall keep in mind for next trip that a 3-hour stop for a city is not enough, except for just loitering around the station.

I didn't give any labels for Pisa as it was too brief of a visit, I was too busy running around, didn't make enough observations.

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