Saturday, July 05, 2008

attended yet another wedding, the third in this last month. this one was not really a holy matrimony, since the couple had exchanged their vows earlier in US. I guess they had this celebration for the family, relatives and friends in singapore. there was no blessing and exchange of rings and vows. instead it was just like a normal mass, except that it's using wedding theme with the couple as the central figures.

3 songs were sung in both english and chinese lyrics. the bride sang the responsorial psalm all by herself. she walked up to the altar with wedding gown and veil and all that.

the bride's friend from SSO played the trumpet live for both bridal procession and recessional. trumpet voluntary reminded me of the convocation march in, it was so grand. too bad she stood in a secluded corner. if I didn't see her with the trumpet, I would have thought the songs were played from CD.

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