Tuesday, September 30, 2008

met up with a group of high school friends with their partners this evening at wee nam kee hainanese chicken rice restaurant at novena area. ordered their signature dishes, roasted chicken rice and dumpling soup, plus a stir-fried veggie dish. yummy! the last time I visited this eatery was like 8 years ago..


it was a rainy night. we waited quite a while at the restaurant for the rain to stop, and eventually we just braved the rain armed with our umbrellas. checked out a few cafes at novena square but they were all about to call it a night. debated between going to orchard and esplanade, and eventually decided to pay a visit to udders, an ice cream joint located in thomson road, which is open until midnight.


the cafe is named after a cow's mammary glands, because their "ice cream is so fresh it's almost straight from the udder to you", claims the informative brochures placed on tables.

they offer wide variety of ice creams, from the classic flavor of chocolate and strawberry, to premium ones like bailey's, gila melaka (from gula melaka), lychee martini, durian, and rum & raisin. the ice cream was indeed fresh and tasted great. some board games were also provided in one corner for entertainment purpose. plain water was available as well, free flow, self-service. we finished our scoops in no time, and ordered two portion of waffle with ice cream since their smell was so tempting.

had a tough time finding cabs as it was a rainy night on eve of public holiday. finally reached home at 1 am.. *yawn*

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