Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I am back from a yummy 3 days home trip. I still can't get enough of the food!

had martabak manis, martabak asin, pisang goreng, sop buntut goreng, es kelapa jeruk, batagor, kue pancong, mie GM with pangsit goreng, es blewah, sate ayam, siomay bandung, nasi begana, rujak penganten, kolak, soto kudus, teh botol.

the most unique one must be the sop buntut goreng I tried in bandung - my first visit to this newly discovered restaurant. the meat was boiled first until tender, then fried. it was served separately from the soup which contained slices of potato and carrot. the soup itself was really good. it was more like eating rice with braised meat, accompanied by a bowl of soup, rather than sop buntut, hehe.. but I liked it nonetheless.

brought back brownies, pisang molen, ayam bakar, batagor, gepuk.. *slurppp*

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