Sunday, October 04, 2009

had a busy and fun saturday! blogging it now at 2:51am, accompanied by sunday morning - maroon 5 playing on iTunes.

woke up at 9.30am, got ready and off we went to our friends' house. we were pressed for time and I took a wrong turn.. luckily the road's empty. reached at about 11am with the bride-to-be greeting us in front of the elevator :)

the ROM officers came later than us, so we're saved :p after a round of introduction, the short ceremony started. we were the unofficial photographers there, and it's not easy being one.

vows spoken, rings exchanged, papers signed.. and congratulations! =)

had some snack at their house (pastel, kue lapis, mooncake), before heading out to yunnan garden restaurant at NTU alumni club.

four of us went to the cathay to catch inglorious basterds at 4pm. it was so quentin tarantino, starting from the beginning all the way till the end. there were quite a lot of conversations though, less actions compared to kill bill.

had waffle plus ice cream at ben & jerry after the 2.5 hour movie, complete with a live band entertaining us.

met a few other friends for dinner at house of soto, east coast road. it's our 4th time there! ordered soto ayam, mie soto ayam, nasi goreng jakarta, pindang udang, ayam kalasan and otak-otak. the otak-otak wasn't as expected, they looked more like lumpia goreng instead. the sauce could pass, but the otak-otak couldn't make it. nasi goreng jakarta was so-so, it was too sweet - I should've asked for a little bit of chili. my friend commented that the ayam kalasan was great, the taste wasn't only skin deep.

went back to our place and we had a round of power grid board game! compared to citadels, this required more thinking as you need to get your strategy right, plus some math to count the money :) since we bought the game, we've never played it all the way till the end (phase 3) until tonight.. it took us around 3 hours straight. it was quite slow at the beginning as we needed to recall all the rules plus explaining them. but after a few tries we got used to it..

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