Sunday, December 06, 2009

[Egypt Day 10] Home Sweet Home!

We're heading back home! I missed Singapore, really.

So now I officially have set my foot on all 5 continents, Africa being the last one.

What I did not enjoy about this trip was the food. I was having Mediterranean food buffet overdose. But then, I am not one who enjoy eating the same thing repeatedly. It's just that in Singapore I'm spoilt with choices, not to mention in Indonesia. Over there, it's always bread, seasoned rice, with fish, chicken, sometimes beef dishes cooked in generally-taste-similar sauces. Seasoned vegetables. Even the fruits were monotonous: honeydew, guava and dates. Sometimes they had grapes, oranges and persimmons. The only thing I could still endure was the guava.

And Egypt was terribly dusty. Dust's everywhere. I couldn't imagine how it must be like being there during summer. I always felt like picking my nose :p

Hotels in Egypt did not provide bottled water, not even electric kettle to boil water in. Internet was generally there, provided you're willing to pay about USD5 per 15 minutes.

The people there, from the young to the old, liked to greet tourists.. from simply waving and said hello loudly, to asking for money. They did everything - asked for nothing in return, tried to sell some souvenirs, asked for tips, asked for water, asked for pen, asked your sweets/walking sticks to exchange with their goods. Street vendors could be quite aggressive. House flies were common sight, they were persistent and irritating.

When all has been said and done, I say I won't go back to Egypt. As much as I loved being there, once is enough. It is majestic, ancient and full of wonder. It is like going back through time. But it won't change anytime soon. It is stuck in its own time frame. Ma'salama, Misr, please find me next in other parts of the world filled with greenery.

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