Saturday, January 09, 2010

attended friends' holy matrimony and lunch reception today. we took our own sweet time in the morning, and we arrived 5 minutes after the mass start time. luckily we managed to get to the entrance just before the bride marched in with her father and the flower girls.

the new st.bernadette's church looked quite small, smaller than the original one. I'm not sure if it's really smaller or it's just what I felt. holy matrimony was conducted in Indonesian. I haven't sung the Indonesian mass parts for the longest time.

after mass we rushed to Conrad and quickly settled down at the reception table. the table's long, but there's only one super big paper for the guests to leave their well wishes. so we ended up using only that portion of the table, with guests queuing for dropping red packets and checking their table numbers. one not-so-good thing was we got the complimentary parking coupon late, after most of the guests came. we also gave out small pieces of paper containing table numbers so that people would remember where they're seated - I think it's not really necessary. one thing to note, if I ever be a receptionist again, is to bring extra red packets plus glue for the unprepared guests. funny how many people came to weddings without red packets.

anyway, we had a great time catching up with some friends during the lunch. and brought home a bag full of "conrad weddings" teddy bears =)

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