Friday, May 21, 2010

Met a friend and had dinner at La Petit Cuisine, Serene Centre. It's a fuss-free French eatery tucked in one corner of the building. We noticed it when we passed it by a few weeks ago and thought that there must be a reason why people flocked into that small place.

Ordered foie gras, pork chop with pasta, and sauerkraut with sausages/ham/pork chop. Everyone's given a warm, crispy small version of baguette plus butter for starter. It was our first time eating foie gras, as we're not a fan of duck and internal organs.

When the foie gras arrived, the salad smell was really strong. The liver itself was not as small as I expected, in fact it's just nice to be shared among 3 of us - I would not be able to finish it on my own. It definitely did not taste like duck, so it's alright for me. But considering the price and the horrible process involved to produce such delicacy, I don't foresee ordering the dish in the near future.

The sauerkraut was so-so, but the pasta's good.

After dinner, we went to 3-inch sin at the nearby Cluny Court for another round of sinful food.. molten cakes! We ordered 2 portions of 3 mini molten cakes: original, mint, bitter orange, peanut butter, raspberry, and white chocolate. our favorite was the original and peanut butter flavour. I guess I've had enough sampling and next time I'll order the actual size, original flavor :)

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