Saturday, October 08, 2011

A few years back a friend gave me a pack of Pia Legong keju from Bali. She said it was so famous she queued in front of the shop in the morning just to get a taste of it. Reservation is usually required 3 weeks in advance to ensure availability. There is only one shop in Bali selling it, and their exclusivity strategy works well. The funny thing is, this pia is much more famous in Jakarta than in Bali. True enough, the pia was very tasty. However I was not sure if it was actually that good, or it tasted good because I had only a piece and I was hungry :p

Today I got my hands on a box of Pia Legong keju, courtesy of my parents who flew to Bali last weekend and flew to Singapore this weekend. And it still tasted great!

A box of yumminess

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