Friday, May 24, 2013

A bird park experience

A public holiday and 1-for-1 entrance fee promotion were the main reason for us to revisit Jurong Bird Park this morning. Even the slight rain did not deter us :)

Unlike last visit when we were armed only by a very simple pocket camera, this time round our camera produced much more satisfying photos.

My favorite birds there are the scarlet macaws, penguins and owls.

The whole park was very well maintained. Abundant facilities, great bird shows, satisfying children playground. I was impressed by the baby room in the playground area; it's much better than the ones usually found in shopping malls, with water dispenser, sinks, separate breastfeeding rooms and clean changing mattresses. Thumbs up!

The only not-so-good thing was the food prices. But I guess that's how the practice is; so note to self: bring along lunch and snacks and drink next time :)

The colorful scarlet macaw


A graceful snow owl

Feeding the lorries

Bird haven


Candela said...

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pleasantinterlude said...

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