Wednesday, June 05, 2013

June Fifth

Collected this super cute cake in the morning and headed to the birthday celebration. Could not help but to notice how cute the kids are (that's definitely because I don't need to face every single one of them everyday :p). Happy birthday, little one!

A fire engine-themed cake

A playtime at one indoor playground followed right after that. Traversing through those tunnels and aisles was no mean feat.

Lunch was at Kith Cafe, Robertson Quay. Not a perfect place due to combination of its alfresco seating and the island's perpetual summer. Nevertheless I enjoyed the chicken pesto spaghetti and the refreshing earl grey lavender ice tea. The steak sandwich was good too.

Lunch at Kith Cafe, Robertson Quay

Last stop of the day was 7 Chatsworth Road, the second visit of the four-or-something-yearly routine.
At a junction

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