Sunday, July 28, 2013

At The Air Force Museum

We passed by the road sign pointing to Air Force museum every single working day on the way home, but did not really pay attention to it. So when we finally did, we searched for some information online and then decided to drop by for a visit.

The RSAF museum is located at 400 Airport Road, open daily except on Mondays and public holidays, with free admission. We happened to reach the museum together with some other families arriving in busses. So the place was buzzing and lively.

Some jets and helicopters are displayed at the car park area, a unique display. It sure gets any airplane-enthusiasts excited. Walking to the concourse area we entered the outdoor gallery, where various aircrafts are displayed: Hawker Hunter, Marchetti, UH-1B Helicopter, A4-S Skyhawk, BAC 167 Strikemaster, T-33 Shooting Star, and of course the Cessna 172K suspended from the 16m-high roof. There are also air defence artillery on display.

A short movie on RSAF was played in the mini theatre next to the outdoor gallery, where everyone was welcome to watch. Next to it is the History of Aviation Gallery room. On the second level there are 8 indoor galleries where we learned the history of RSAF, its milestones and operations.

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