Saturday, February 08, 2014

An ice art chill

Went to 2 Degree Ice Art exhibition this evening. To face the 'big freezer' kept at sub-zero temperature, we were armed with long pants, 2 layers of socks, shoes, gloves and hooded thick jacket. Still, it felt really cold especially after spending some time inside, so we went out in less than an hour :)

There were many famous landmarks, all carved from ice by top crafters from Harbin, China. Sir Stamford Raffles, Merlion, Eiffel tower, statue of Liberty, Manneken Pis, and many more.

The part that we spent most time at was the ice playground: 2 slides and a wide slope in the middle to play the snow tire ride. It entertained not only children, but adults too.

At 7pm there was a man-made snowfall. A few blocks of ice were carried in, broken and then fed into a big machine that acted as a shredder. It sprouted shaved ice up in the air and we could all pretend it was snowing :p

After the playground there was another stretch of ice sculptures with Egyptian and Chinese theme, followed by some dinosaurs statues.

We had some hot drinks and snacks at the food area to warm ourselves up, and then braved the cold again at the ice bar. Tables, chairs and even mugs were made from ice blocks. After finishing our drinks, we smashed the mugs onto the ice wall.

All in all, I think it was an interesting exhibition, although the price tag was quite steep. But it sure beats flying all the way to Harbin in person, given that we can easily go out to get back to the tropical climate :p

Satay of the bay was our next destination for dinner. I could smell the satay the moment I stepped into the car park, all the way till we reached home :) We had beef, mutton and chicken satay, stingray, oyster omelette, bbq chicken wings, fried noodles and hawaiian pizza to share.

Dinner at Satay by the Bay

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