Thursday, March 27, 2014

[Taiwan Trip] Food

Taiwan is a foodie haven. I'm not sure where to start, so I'll let the pictures do all the talking and cause the drooling :)

Lunch on first day, Old England Hotel

Old England Hotel

Breakfast at Spa Home

Street food galore in Ita Thao

Ita Thao food street

Carton King - where (almost) everything is made of cardboards

Lunch in Cedar Tea House, Checheng Village

Oyster Mee Sua, meetballs, pork noodle and beef noodle

Modern Toilet Restaurant

The interesting food

Tamsui Old Street

Dinner at first branch of Din Tai Fung

Yummy yam balls, best served with ginger soup on a rainy day

Lunch at Ah Mei Tea House, JiuFen

Yummy goose noodle, Ximending

Dinner at Tien Lai Resort

Bubble Teas!
I was happy to find out that they sell hot bubble teas with pearls! That way I could still enjoy bubble teas in cold weather.. perfect!


Anonymous said...

Haloo, kunjungan balik nih :)
Aaahh blogmu isinya tentang jalan2 semuaa aku jadi ngileeer. Ini foto makanannya enak2 bgt ya jadi laper malem2. Hahaha

pleasantinterlude said...

wah, senangnya dikunjungi balik :)
hooh, enak banget makanan2nya, buktinya sampe naik 1kg padahal cuma kesana seminggu -_-"