Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dinner at Gyu-Kaku

Had impromptu gathering cum dinner at Gyu-Kaku, Anchorpoint, to celebrate friends' birthdays and baby shower.

As we are a big group, reservation was made even though the restaurant was practically empty. We occupied 3 tables altogether. Ordered some meat slices (chicken, duck, beef) and mushroom for bbq; plus tofu soup, vegetable pancake, breaded bacon with asparagus, and sukiyaki don.

Service was grand - we were promptly seated, orders were taken efficiently, bbq paraphernalia was delivered right after that. And the food started to come not long after. Once we finished eating, tables were promptly cleared to make way for the birthday cake.

Food was excellent as well. It's well marinated, and extra sauces are provided on the table. I loved their korean-style vegetable pancake - crispy, topped with mayonnaise and katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes).

Once the cake was brought out, one of the waiters offered to take group photo and photo of the birthday boys with his camera. He later printed them out and gave them to us in envelopes to mark the occasion. What a nice touch!

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