Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lunch at Soi Thai Kitchen

Had the urge to eat mango sticky rice so we had Thai for lunch today. It was our first visit to Soi Thai Kitchen at Tampines and the food was good.

We ordered olive fried rice (small, $6), pad thai (small, $6), ice lemongrass tea ($3), red ruby ($3), and mango sticky rice ($5). Olive fried rice was flavourful, served with condiments at the side. Portion of pad thai was quite big and it packed a punch, I could really taste the shrimp. Red ruby was alright. Mango sticky rice was good; warm sticky rice paired with sweet mango slices, topped with generous drizzle of coconut milk. Yum.

The place was a small, clean and unpretentious. Service was warm and efficient. Ice water was freely available at a corner for everyone. There's a sign on each table advising customers to let them know if there's anything they could do better.

It was packed when we reached at 1.30pm, luckily there were still a few empty tables outside, perfect for the fantastic cool weather.

Yummy lunch

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