Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Poulet's Roast Chicken

Tried Poulet's famous roast chicken today at Bedok Mall. Their signature Poulet Roti, served in creamy chardonnay sauce with button mushroom was tasty and tender. However, half portion was too much for me. It would be perfect for sharing.

The restaurant looked stylish, and empty even during lunch time. Service was alright but it was a bit slow. Another minus point: they don't serve plain water. Bottled ones for cold water, and warm water is chargeable at 50c.

Finally tried the 'Amazing French Roast Chicken'


gillsunshine said...

biasa aja kan nov, rasanyaaa .. gw makan ga segitu endesnya menurut kabar berita yang beredar. kfc aja lah gw kemana2 :)

pleasantinterlude said...

iya betul.. kabarnya kan enak banget.. ternyata kenyataan jauh dari harapan :p

*jadi pengen kfc*