Monday, January 19, 2015

Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum

Celebrated a colleague's birthday today at Tim Ho Wan, Bedok Mall. Reaching the restaurant at about noon, it was already almost full, but we managed to get a table without waiting. Ordered some dishes to share. I found their siew mai and char siew buns nice, but the rest was just alright - nothing to shout about. I didn't particularly enjoy the lo mai gai (steamed glutinous rice with chicken in lotus leaf), as its vinegar taste was too overpowering.

Service was alright, quick and efficient. Plain water is chargeable. Overall, it's quite ok but the food definitely is not worth queuing for.

Dim sum lunch @ Tim Ho Wan


gillsunshine said...

gw demen yang kayak baso daging kembang tahu! itu enak, nov!! pesen itu gaaaa kemaren?

pleasantinterlude said...

yg fotonya ada di sebelah kanan bawah bukan? kalo iya, berarti gue pesen itu.. kalo engga, berarti gue engga tau yg mana itu baso daging kembang tahu :p
mayan enak sih yang itu..