Friday, August 07, 2015

Families for Life Picnic @ Marina Barrage

Started the Jubilee Weekend early today by going to Marina Barrage for Families for Life picnic. We reached around 8.20am and by then the carpark was already full. But we still managed to secure a spot somewhere along Marina Gardens Drive.

We were greeted by the throng of people going to the barrage, enough to make the event lively but not too overwhelming yet. At the entrance there was a Milo truck where everyone could take a cup (or two) of cold Milo, self-service style. Just next to it, there's another truck distributing lime juice with jelly as welcome drink.

Moving in further, we collected the goodie bag allocated to us through the early event registration. Those who did not register still could get one by queueing at separate booth.

On the ground floor there were several tents selling stuff, as well as game section for children, including a giant bouncy castle. The roof was where the main action took place - live singing and performance, kite flying and distribution of free stuff (ice pop, terrarium kit, tidbits - crackers, chocolate candies and lollipops).

Everyone could just pick a spot to lay down their mats and have a picnic - everywhere around the vicinity. There was almost no shade at the green roof though, so some decided to sit down at the ground floor instead.

We had fun flying kite and watching the Black Knights

The day started out bright but the sky started to get cloudy around 10.30am. By 11am rain started to fall and it continued all the way till late afternoon. However, the crowd braved the rain and still enjoyed the 10-mins aerial display performed by RSAF Black Knights.

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