Friday, September 11, 2015

JTown Cafe

JTown Cafe is tucked at the basement of Midpoint Orchard. During lunch or dinner peak hour, the place can get quite crammed. Although there's no wait staff, the service was alright. It did not take long for our food to arrive. One of the staff was apologetic that she did not offer baby chair earlier.

The menu consists of noodle dishes, siomay, batagor and martabak. The noodle dishes were alright, although popcorn chicken noodle could be better with more sauce. Siomay and batagor consisted of exactly the same ingredients - except that it's steamed in siomay and fried in batagor, and siomay had some cabbage. The fish dumpling had more flour than fish paste, though, which was quite disappointing. Martabak campur came with chocolate rice, ground peanut, shredded cheddar cheese and condensed milk - tasted alright, but I've tried better.

The drawback of this cafe is its bad ventilation. Looks like the place was not well equipped for deep frying or even cooking.

Siomay, Popcorn Chicken Noodle, Martabak Campur, Batagor

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