Saturday, June 12, 2004

went for one-day educational tour with some colleagues.

first stop: hay diaries - dairy goat farm. learnt some facts about goats, haha.. and how smelly they can be.. =) including the milk itself.. I pity those does, their horns are normally burnt since they're young, in order not to injure themself during pregnancy. and during mating there's only one billy goat with few does.. good life, eh?

second stop: vegetable farm. bought some aloe vera products.

third stop: qian hu fish farm. they have one pond full of koi fish.. impressive..

forth stop: everbloom mushroom farm. they only opened one greenhouse for us to see few types of mushroom. the mushrooms were kept in temperature of 15 degree celcius, the place was so cold with puddle of water all over. it's not visitor-friendly at all. straight away I remembered one page in my highschool biology textbook with black and white photos of mushrooms (the page was at the left side of the book), and how I dislike the whole chapter on mushroom.. =)

fifth stop: otah factory. this one was disappointing, nothing much to see, on top of the fact that I don't like otah.

. . . . .

went for friends' birthday dinner at tony roma's suntec. the appetizer was really great, their potato skin, onion rings and mozarella sticks are scrumptious. yummm.. but I found the main course are too meaty, though..

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