Saturday, August 14, 2004

attended the seminar on professional practice that lasted for 8 hours with breaks in between. at least refreshments were provided. as I was sitting comfortably in the lecture theatre with full blast of aircon, the thoughts of my colleagues running around and sweating like mad at sentosa doing team-building stuffs intrigued me, it must have been FUN.. but anyway, the choice was not mine to make. and some of them actually envied me for not having to attend the team building and still got the free t-shirt.. =D

a food review site with pictures.

activities queued up:
- assignment, due in one week time
- reading of the da vinci code
- wrapping a blue-coloured sailor mickey mouse. can't find any box that fits the gift.. need to figure out how to create a paper bag..
- sweeping & mopping the flat =(

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