Thursday, September 21, 2006

virtually stumbled across a few long-lost elementary school friends. I had difficulties recognizing one face.. and I still do. another friend still looks the same even after being a mother of a cute little boy. another one is recognizable only from a certain angle, luckily she posted quite a lot of photos of herself.. long live Friendster! :)

had sirloin steak for dinner yesterday, from a stall located in a hawker center between queenstown and commonwealth MRT. very descriptive, right.. :) there's just one bus stop between the 2 MRT stations and it's just beside the bus stop. the stall offers very few dishes and it only opens mon-thu, dinner time. but it looked like almost every table ordered from that stalls yesterday. the steak itself is yummy, although it could be more tender. it comes with fries, coleslaw and bread. priced at $8.

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