Friday, March 16, 2007

a call on friday afternoon..

the caller identified himself as a bank customer service officer and that he called me regarding the outstanding amount I have with my dbs credit card.

the thoughts that crossed my mind:
- the voice sounds familiar
- somebody is trying to pull off a joke
- the bank is going to cancel off my overdue charges (I paid the last balance 2 days late - how careless was that - honestly that was the first time)

I just managed to say a few yes-es and a question "which card are you talking about" when the caller started to laugh and I guessed his name correctly.. what a way to start a conversation with an old friend, huh? ;)

he told me some good news, plus a warning not to disclose it to anyone.. ok lor, as you wish.. anyway, I'm happy for you.. :)

it's nice to get acquainted with an old friends after some time, especially when you realize that the bond - the chemistry, that is - is still there.

too bad most of the time I no longer find it. I guess I'm just not a person who's good at maintaining long term friendships. a friend comes, a friend goes..

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