Saturday, March 17, 2007

- went to marche vivo city this afternoon. it is now directly managed by marche international. I love the interior design they have there. with low ceilings, wooden furnitures and attention to details, it is a really cozy place. but their prices are more expensive than those at orchard and suntec city branches.

- watched 300. what a movie. it's all about honour and real fights, and of course they need to throw in some blood. I'm more interested in one of the trailer they showed before the movie started on this movie called the reaping.

- finally finished watching princess hours, the korean drama I've been watching for some time. it's getting more and more intense with each episode. I even have the soundtracks in my playlist.. how addicted is that.. hahaha... as a friend told me just a few days ago.. gak malu yah? hahaha..

- will get involved in another wedding choir. this time round, it's not just another wedding choir. it's for the conductor himself.. :)

- instantly fell in love with gita gutawa's voice.. it's simply angelic. I've been playing it over and over and over again.

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